This Is What Would Happen If One Country Would Launch A Nuclear Attack

12 October 2017

Nuclear war is something we should all fear, not some zombie apocalypses and other nonsense. It is the worst kind scenario of world end and the most real one. Today, there are so many nations that have nuclear weapons that it’s alarming. But what would happen if nuclear war would start?

Well, the most certain thing is that World War 3 would start. When one country would launch a nuclear attack, it would start a chain of attacks from other countries, who must pick a side in that fight.

Everyone would use Nuke map to estimate the size of areas affected by the attack.

There would be only 10 minutes for government to warn it’s citizens for the attack. Imagine the crowd on the street in that situation.

If nuclear strike would be launched, it’s estimated that 4 million people would die in 4 minutes.

The criminal would blossom, the worst filth of humanity would rise and plunder unsafe people and make the worst of a situation.

Whole nations would collapse, the war would cause people to forget their differences and unite for one single reason worth fighting for – survival.

Healthcare would change, because money would not be priority, but saving people’s lives.

In state of war, hygiene is not a thing and there is little space to think about that stuff, so diseases would spread more easily and people would get infected with various diseases.

Radiation would spread all over the world, carried by the wind and on the skin of people, cars and other things, which would cause even more chaos.

Government web sites would crash because of enormous number of people trying to get information about the attack and other news.

Massive immigration would appear, people would run for their lives wherever they can.

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This Is What Would Happen If One Country Would Launch A Nuclear Attack
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