20 Everyday Items With Amazing Functions You Never Knew Even Existed

12 October 2017

Humankind has gone so far because of resilience, imagination, creativity, and teamwork. That last part is maybe the most important thing of all. We have made so many innovations which made our lives more comfortable than ever!

And although we are far from what we were in the ancient times and even far from what our civilization looked like a century ago, there is no end on the horizon.

However, that need for new things and the endless hunger we all have for the technology and new ideas have created thousands of companies responsible for innovating and manufacturing new revolutionary things. But there are some handy things we don’t know about the things we use every single day.

The Bottom of Wine Bottles

Have you noticed that curve on the bottom of every wine bottle? Have you ever thought about its real use? Well, it is not for the sake of beauty. It is there to help with the pressure when the bottle is sealed with a cork.

Tape Measures Have a Hole At Their End?

That hole (I haven’t noticed it until recently) is handy. It is there to help you measure things without anyone’s help. You can attach it to any nail, secure it, and measure everything by yourself.

Knit Cap With a Pom-Pom

These types of hats have a long history. According to some sources, sailors used them to protect their heads from hitting obstacles. Other sources say that those kinds of knit hats are just a traditional British working class football regalia.

Highway Signs

Look at the position of a sign. If it is positioned to the right, the exit you are looking for is on the right, if it is to the left, then you should keep on going that lane.

Anti High Beam Tab

There is a tab on your rear-view mirror which can be used to adjust the mirror so you won’t be blinded by the high-beams of cars behind you.

Arrow For the Fuel Tank

Some cars have an arrow next to the symbol for fuel. That arrow indicates on which side is the fuel tank.

The Hole at The Bottom of Every Padlock

Padlocks have a tiny hall on their bottom. You can oil the padlock through that hole, and it drains all the water that comes into the padlock.

Tiny Hole on The Back Of an iPhone

Every iPhone has this one. It is a tiny microphone that records the sound when you use the back camera.

Why Do You Need Those Two Holes On Your Converse Shoes?

Converse shoes have already become legendary, and it looks like they are never going to get old or “out of style.” However, we have all wondered about those two holes at the bottom. Everyone thought that those holes are for ventilation purposes. However, that is not entirely true.

The two holes are there to help you tie those Converse shoes even tighter.

That Cylinder on your Laptop Cable

Some cables have a tiny plastic cylinder which makes those cables additionally cool. However, that is not the only reason. Those cylinders have a straightforward design, and their purpose is to reduce the electrical noise.

Don’t Waste Those Soda Tabs

Soda tabs are not there only to help you open the soda can. They are there to help you drink that soda. Just turn the tab around and stick a straw through it. That is how the straw will stand still even on those windy days.

Chinese Food Box

You know, those Chinese food boxes are made to be easily unfoldable. You can use them as plates. You are welcome! Bon appétit!

Number 57 On Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup has always been one of my favorites. But, getting the ketchup out of their glass bottle has been a tough job for me. I didn’t know that there was an easy way to do it!

There is a number 57 engraved on the glass. Just gently tap that number, and the ketchup will quickly get out.

The Little Bumps and Lines on Tires

Have you noticed those bumps? Avery tire has it, but no one told me the reason for their existence. Well, I have found out that these cute bumps indicate the minimum safe tread height. When they are worn down, change your tires.

The End Of a Toothpick is Always Fragile

Almost every toothpick has a fragile end. Someone made it like that for you to break it easily and use it as a toothpick stand.

Small Pocket On Your Jeans

Every jeans have a small extra pouch. I have been using it for change and something else (you know what). However, that was not its real purpose. They have been called a lot of different names: condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, ticket pocket, and frontier pocket. However, the real name for it is the watch pocket. Cowboys of 1800s used them for pocket watches; however, we don’t have those watches and cowboys are now in history books.

Those Holes on Aluminum Roll Boxes

Just press those holes, and your roles are going to be locked in place while you are ripping off a piece of foil.

That Small Hole on Elevator Doors

The hole in an elevator door is used by staff to unlock the elevator in an emergency.

That Lid of a Tic Tac

Every Tic Tac has the same size. That size perfectly fits the lid. Thus, lids are made to make the extraction of a single Tic Tac easier for you.

Apple Sauce Lids

The lids on applesauce are made to be used as a spoon. Try it!

Images source: 24hviralphotos.com

20 Everyday Items With Amazing Functions You Never Knew Even Existed
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